About us

In early 2020 during the COVID pandemic, armed with boredom and a thirst for knowledge a small Discord server was built. Sources from all over the internet were being scoured for free educational resources in order to better ourselves. Soon this small server was being shared with other friends, whom then shared it again. Seeing how we technically created a structured library and recognizing the value of such a thing online. Especially with completely free and open source resources we sought to expand. A new server was created with more structure, we applied to be a non profit and got approved, partnerships were sought out for webhosting and cloud storage for a better workflow. Google and Kualo definitely helped us out when it comes to cloud storage and webhosting respectively and of course Discord for their free platform where all the resources are compiled.


We're always looking to expand our horizons. If you would like to partner with us or we're providing open source resources that you made and want to have a more visibility, feel free to contact us.