Who we are

WillPowered Students is a non-profit organisation with the goal to make free knowledge more available and building a community around it. Everyone is welcome to learn share and explore. The goal of our project is to build a place where people can get free access to as much of the available and valid information that is out there. This to close the gap between those that have a degree and those that don’t.

Ideally you could learn with us and then go on to ace your continued education or start your path in the field of your choosing. Skills are more important than credentials. To keep things organized we opted to create a Discord server, it's a bit like a social media platform.

Here we have created categories, that you can choose in our "#study-interests" channel. In this channel, you can choose your interests, and click on their reaction button (the emojis) to have them unlocked.
We chose the method of assigning user roles to interests as to not be overwhelmed by the vast amount of channels we set up for different topics. Of course you can always check out the rest as well. Per study interest, we have structured links to free sources that you can use to study and learn.

We start at the beginner level, so no prior knowledge is required. Whether you’re a lone wolf in search of knowledge or someone who likes to run in a pack. We welcome all in WillPowered Students! To engage with the community we have text and voicechat channels, where you can exchange thoughts, as well as optional channels for your own project!

If you have never used discord before, we have a short how-to video on the right of this page. To join all you need to do is click the button or scan the QR-code.


In our community we give people the freedom to explore. Maybe you have an idea that can change the world, or just something small that you want to work out, in any kind of way. Just start your own project within the community. Wondering what it means to share projects? Well, your project will be reviewable for other members of our community, to the extent that you’re comfortable with. People can give you feedback and help you out.

Do you have an idea that has been brewing inside your head? Feel free to contact us and we will happily post it for review, maybe even give it a place in our official channels, you never know when you could be sitting on something rather genious.